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Very modular and satisfying mechanics! :) Fun discovering so many surprises!

At first I struggled quite a bit figuring out the physical intuition of how the hat behaves, and the early levels felt a bit cramped for me to experiment. Most puzzles are too hard for me to want to attempt, but I can appreciate there are probably interesting ideas going on in all of them.


An absolute delight of a puzzle game. The mechanics are so strange yet so full of clever surprises. New tricks always seem to pop out of thin air, yet they always seem so "obvious" in hindsight. Really giving me Stephen's Sausage Roll vibes, and this is a huge compliment from me. It was very fun to reason through this game and I highly recommend it.


not sure if I'll edit it into something shorter, but here's my playthrough :)


This is brilliant — so many clever, well structured levels and an avalanche of new mechanics. The ending is very cute as well :)


Wow, this is an incredible puzzle game; every puzzle is so clever and challenges how you think about  the fundamental rules of the game. For me, 6-3 was a moment of sublime beauty where I finally understood the hat's inner workings, and all of my previous intuition clicked into place. 

The deductions are great all the way through, I would recommend this to any experienced puzzle-solver. 

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amazing number of good levels for how long you had.

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possible bug [removed details since they had spoilers]

Yes it's a bug, thanks for your report :)